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My background is what I call Jamerican.. born in Jamaica and now a dual citizen of USA and Jamaica...I teach midrashes (commentaries on Torah ) Teach Shabbat School and am a Deacon at a messianic congregation.I am also a Quantity Surveyor/Construction Estimator

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Messianic Belief - A Combination of Judaism and Christianity

It is a faith routed in the belief that there is a God who created the universe and us.Think of your amazing brain and eyes and DNA they could not have been randomly formed .I believe the Bible is the word of God ,as it alone accurately foretells the future.It tells us that the people of Israel would be scattered out of the land God gave them throughout the nations and then born a nation once again before the return of the Messiah . Israel was indeed driven from the Land after they nationally rejected  the Messiah when He came first as a lamb to be sacrificed for the sins of the world.Today we are witnessing the regathering prophesied in Ezekiel 36: 24-26. "For I will take you from among the nations,gather you from all the countries and return you to your own soil.Then I will sprinkle clean water on you ,and you will be clean: I will cleanse you from all your uncleaness and from all your idols:I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit inside you :" This scripture was written thousands of years ago and yet being fulfilled  before our very eyes in this day.

So who is this Messiah that was rejected causing this great scattering?

We are told in the book of Daniel 9:26 the time that The Messiah would come .It was to be before the Temple was to be destroyed.The scripture tells us he would also be killed before this destruction of not only the Temple but the entire city of Jerusalem.Around AD 30 or 33 a man called Yeshua or Jesus was killed on Passover.He and His Jewish followers said He was  a "Godman" fulfilling Genesis 3:15 as the miraculous seed of a woman only whose Father was God himself and bruised in the heel (crucified) as He crushed the head of Satan (defeated Satan" plan of eternal death for mankind).He was the lamb of God sent to pay the price of the sins of us all.Our disobedience of God's ways caused our God to become human Himself to show how to live and even if we fail He has already paid the price of disobedience.In around AD 70 approximately 40 years after Messiah was sacrificed the Temple and the city of Jerusalem was destroyed fulfilling the prophecy of Daniel.The Jewish people were indeed then scatterred .In Psalm 2 Isaiah 5 and Daniel 7:13 scripture tells us that this messiah is God himself.He promises that before His return to rescue us from mankinds little kingdoms there will be much trouble...likened to the birth pains of a woman ..the world will turn to their god satan ..he will be given a short time to reign over earth before The Messianic kingdom of Yeshua Jesus is set up with His followers as joint rulers over the nations.this will last for 1000 years then the new earth and heaven will be created  for eternity...free from pain suffering and death for only people who decide to live the ways of God.And what is that way? It was revealed through men throughout the Bible.We met Abraham who taught that God wants us to trust Him no matter what happens to us.Then through Moses we learned His Torah ,His ways His commandments to teach us what it means to love him and our fellow humans.Then in the Bible  He uses men and their stories to explain and prepare us point to the One Godman who would eventually come to be with us and restore all the great plans He has for His creation.This Messiah would first come to show His absolute undeniable love for us ..yes he would die for us ...John 15: 13.."No one has greater love than a person who lays down his life for his friends."...He came as a Jewish man to continue the revelation of God's word though the Jewish people and people who adjoin themselves to Jewish believers in him the Godman. In Roman's 11 Paul describes the true Jew the true people of Israel...they are only those who are in the Olive tree whose vine is Jesus Yeshua. Those Jews who do not accept his sacrificial death are broken off...discarded...those former gentiles are  grafted in this tree of God....The true Israel.We do not replace the natural Jew but join them. Ephesians 2:19 sums it up "So then ,you are no longer foreigners and strangers .On the contrary you are fellow citizens with God's people and members of God's family" .This Website is therefore dedicated to revealing and restoring God's plans.Revealing God to those who don't believe in a God .Revealing fulfillment of prophecy as it occurs,Restoring Jewish people to their messiah and the New covenant teachings .Restoring Christians to the Torah as revealed to Moses with its rich Festivals of the Lord and more and which still should play a role in our spiritual life today.

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